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Beeswax Products

Our beeswax bars and candles are manufactured using 100% pure beeswax from our hives as well as from other Manitoba beekeepers. Our candles do not have any added scents or colours, and retain the natural pure beeswax colour and scent.


Beeswax candles are excellent gifts, have long burning output, and look beautiful as centerpiece displays. It is recommended that beeswax candles should not be burned continuously for more than two hours at a time to maximize the total candle burn time.


Beeswax can be used for making candles, waxing threads and strings, as ingredients in  soaps, wood product finishes, and home-made cosmetic products, and in many other applications. Our beeswax has been purified to the same quality as the beeswax we use in our lotions and LipBalms.

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