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Local Manitoba Honey

The honey we harvest is a blend of the nectar that our bees collect from local floral sources. Our bees can be seen on the native plants and trees surrounding our farm such as aster, clover, dandelion, goldenrod, thistle, willow, wild berry, other shrubs, and wild plum. Our bees also visit the local agricultural fields such as alfalfa, canola, fruit trees, sunflowers, and soybean crops. Our honey is 100 % pure and natural Manitoba Honey and is not pasteurized. We strive to produce chemical-free honey and healthy bees by not introducing unnatural chemicals and treatments into the hives.


Liquid Honey is the honey that has been extracted directly from the honey comb using centrifugal force. This honey is warmed to flow through a fine mesh to remove particles of beeswax or other bee matter. Liquid honey is then filled into containers, and will granulate over time. It is warmed again to re-liquify before sale or delivery. If you have purchased liquid honey, and it has hardened or granulated, warming it gently will reliquify the honey to its original liquid state. 


Creamed Honey is extracted the same way that our liquid honey is removed from the comb. It is then warmed and filtered through a fine mesh to remove the beeswax particles and other bee matter. Once we have the honey in liquid state, we "cream" the honey by adding previously granulated honey.  The creamed honey is then stirred intermittently to ensure that it will remain soft and spreadable at room temperature. We do not add anything to our creamed honey, except previously creamed honey. The creamed honey remains 100% pure and natural honey.


Raw Honey is extracted in the same way that our liquid honey is removed from the comb. The difference is that raw honey is not heated before being clarified. It is filled into containers after passing through a coarse sieve directly from the extractor. This means that it is also not finely filtered, and will contain particles of beeswax and other bee matter. Due to containing particles and wax pieces, the raw honey will granulate quickly. All honey can be warmed gently to re-liquify. We do not keep raw honey in stock, instead, we fill specific orders during extracting season from July to September. Please contact us to be put on our email list for availability notification. Available July - September.

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