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Favours & Gifts

We offer a variety of small gifts as favours and rememberances for your special day.  These include lovely jars of honey, beeswax candles, and a wide variety of speicalty teas. We can also custom print and provide custom labels for the jars and containers we fill. The honey jars are $1.75 each. Custom labels cost 25¢ per label. The cost of the tea depends on the quantity of tea that is required.

Honey, Tea, or Candles provide an excellent, non-perishable, natural gift.


View the pictures below and then Contact Us for ideas in using our products as a keepsake for memorable gatherings and celebrations such as weddings and family reunions. We also offer custom filling if you wish to bring your own containers.

Tea containers can be custom filled, or you can select from our gold, silver, bronze or craft coloured bags. Visit our complete selection of tea varieties at Waldheim Teas <>


Select the varieties of tea you are interested in, and let us help you out from there. 


Contact Us for ideas!

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