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Natural Manitoba Pollen

The pollen we offer for sale is a blend from the many flowers our bees visit during the summer and fall growing season of the Manitoba rural countryside. When bees visit the pollen bearing blossoms, the pollen grains cling to the hairs on the bodies of the bees. The bees use nectar or honey to bind the pollen grains together and pack the grains into the pollen baskets on their hind legs. By using a pollen collection trap on our hives, we can collect some of the pollen packets from the bees. Pollen contains about 24% protein and about 27% carbohydrates. Additionally, pollen contains a large quantity and variety of plant-derived vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


We offer pollen in two formats: fresh-frozen or dried. The fresh-frozen pollen is frozen soon after being trapped from the bees to prevent nutritional loss. This pollen has a moisture content between 20 - 30 % and the pollen granules are soft when squeezed resulting in better palatability when being eaten. The fresh-frozen pollen must be kept frozen to prevent spoilage.


Dried pollen is pollen that has been dried using driers or dehydrators to a moisture content below 6%. This drying results in hard pollen granules. Since much of the moisture is removed from the dried pollen the customer can expect more actual pollen per kilogram of material. Dried pollen is best stored frozen, and it can be stored at room temperature without spoiling. Nutritional value decreases if the pollen is not frozen. 

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